Saint-Noël Chabanel School

As one of the largest primary schools in a system of over 150 institutions, St. Noel Chabanel School believes learning is stimulated by the student’s environment, an ideal reflected throughout the campus. The original campus building was created in 1958 and two extensions were added in 2015. The newest project, completed in 2020, included the complete repair of the original building and renovation and redevelopment of the gymnasium, pictured. The renovation prioritized the integration of natural light, durable materials, quality design and the comfort and well-being of students.

Mimicking the interior comprised of playful colours and shapes, three different shades of brown Canada Brick products create the exterior diamond pattern which is further enhanced with colourful glazed brick insets. The result is a fun and friendly space for gathering and outside learning. Because the school resides in an area where several cultures meld together, yellow, red and blue brick represent the cultural diversity of the neighborhood. The diamond pattern of the brick also provides an interactive wall serving as targets for ball games.

This project demonstrates a partial renovation can make a substantial difference. Existing structures are visually cohesive and a spirit of conviviality, comfort and belonging – the essence of an ideal learning environment – abound.

Project Summary

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